Monday, March 25, 2013

Mount Baldy Adventure

Last Wednesday Rooms 1, 2 and 3 climbed Mount Baldy.  Libby wrote "We walked a long way.  It was windy.  Very high too."  Crosbie wrote "I liked walking past the cowshed and I liked walking on the race."

At the top of Mount Baldy we could see for miles all around.  Erin wrote "I went to Mount Baldy with my friends.  We had lunch on the top of Mount Baldy.  I sketched a hill that looked at a skate ramp."  Can you guess what Erin was sketching?

Telah wrote "I was eating my lunch and I saw my grandma's house and it looks cool because we were high." Nevaeh wrote "We saw some wind turbines.  The wind turbines were big and far away."

This photostory shows us hiking, snacking and sketching.

Mt Baldy Trip 2013 from Catherine on Vimeo.

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